We are your alternative to high-cost funeral services!

Losing a loved one and planning a funeral or memorial service is without question an emotionally draining ordeal. With us, however, it doesn't have to drain you financially. At the time of loss, cost should be the last thing on your mind... because it’s the last thing on ours. 

We offer professional guidance and personal and specialized attention before, during and after the loss of a loved one. Our reputation for honesty and integrity is very well-known, and it is our most valuable asset. 

Our Affordable Cremation Pricing

  • Direct Cremation with Alternative Container: $995
  • Traditional Cremation with Chapel Memorial Service: $1,495
  • Cremation with Chapel Service & Rental Casket: $3,495

Our Economy Funeral Pricing

  • Traditional Burial Ceremony: $2,995
  • Graveside Service (no visitation or viewing): $1,695
  • Out-of-State Forwarding: $1,495
*Pre Need Only. Prices presented are for those services listed. Additional fees may apply. Prices are subject to change without notice.

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